Anonymous asked:

let me just say I'm really not pleased with the admins here. I've been following the blog for a long time now and my asks nevr ever get answered. Do you even recieve rhem? I asked so many times but you never answer. Why is that????

hunhanfics answered:

honey, let me just copy and paste this for you

Why don’t you guys answer my questions? If you are asking for us to find you a story and it has not been answered, the admins who have seen it don’t know the answer so we are waiting to see if any of the other admins might know. If you are asking for a rec or a specific type of fic, please keep reading. There is also a chance that the question you asked does not relate to hunhan fanfiction therefore we are not responsible for them. Or tumblr ate your question(s). However, please keep in mind that we are not obligated to answer your questions so please do not send them in repeatedly. Filling our askbox with one more question won’t make us reply sooner. In fact, we won’t answer, don’t be rude to us. Hunhanfics is a place where we share fics (where you can find fics sorted into genre, rating, etc.), our objective is not to find fanfictions for you.”

it can be found on the link in our sidebar and it’s one of the first things there. A lot of you guys are going to think I’m rude for doing this, but if you ever have any problems like this, why are you hiding yourself behind the anon? Are you scared that we would publish the mean things / criticism you say to us and expose you? We have the anon up because some people are too shy to ask questions and we respect that but it isn’t there for you to be rude to us. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again but if you have any problems concerning things that aren’t looking for a fic, get off anon and we’ll reply back to your inbox.

- Admin Nessa